There are many public affairs firms. They tend to be pretty bureaucratic places where a billable hour has a bigger value than a bright idea. We can’t think of a worse way to spend the day. Our firm is built around an eclectic mix of extraordinarily talented people. They believe in culture and creativity. They value colleagues who work hard and work smart. If you can have the kind of energy, substance and style that will make GPG a richer, more capable, more interesting place to be, we would love to hear from you.

Intellectual Curiosity
Passion for Advocacy
Participation in The Public Realm
Sense of Team

Our clients rely on us to help them with big, challenging projects. That often means long hours and hard work.

Being part of GPG means putting in the time and effort it takes to do the job right. We go home when the job is done.

We get it done so that our colleagues never have to pick up our slack and our clients are never left hanging.

The issues we deal with for our clients are complex.

We don’t grasp for the simplest or most obvious solutions. We carefully think through the issue and bring together teams of colleagues with different perspectives to make sure we’re considering all angles.

We do this both because it is the only way to get to the right solutions for our clients – and because we enjoy the challenge of cracking a tough case with an insightful answer.

We deal with issues that are often at the center of public discourse and attention: the environment, the economy, politics, the Constitution and everything in between.

We have a passion to learn about fascinating issues in depth. We get smart on issues not just because it’s what the job requires but also because it is exciting.

Our clients come to us because they are trying to seize important opportunities or handle tough challenges.

Being part of GPG means going a step beyond simply doing great work and actually feeling in your gut that we are taking our clients’ issues personally; that we have a stake in seeing their goals realized.

We live and work in three of the most exciting and vibrant cities in America at the intersection of business, politics, culture, media and government.

Being part of GPG means engaging with the people and organizations that make up these worlds, learning from them, collaborating with them and constantly seeking to better understand how they are changing.

Not everyone needs to be a “networker” – but everyone can be connected to multiple worlds that enrich our experience and empower us to do better work for our clients.

GPG is a special place because it is more than just a company.

We are a team in every sense of the word. We succeed and we fail together. Nobody is too junior to be taken seriously when they offer a good idea and nobody is too senior to roll up their sleeves and do real work.

We look out for one another, support and respect one another and pool our talents, all so that we can deliver great work for our clients and create a great place to work for ourselves.