Brett O’Brien

Managing Director

Brett O’Brien is a Managing Director at The Glover Park Group, where he specializes in strategic consulting, government relations and public affairs for U.S. and international clients. His work involves navigating complex foreign policy, trade, national security and related matters for clients seeking to advance their objectives both in Washington and the global arena.

Since joining The Glover Park Group in 2005, O’Brien has led a number of complex projects for a wide range of clients. He has performed extensive advocacy on behalf of foreign governments and companies, outreach for U.S. corporations seeking a more robust international presence, strategic counsel for non-profit organizations and coalitions pursuing specific legislative goals, and communications guidance for business transactions subject to federal regulatory approval. Of particular note, since Capitol Hill’s 2006 rejection of a foreign entity’s acquisition of U.S. seaport operations, O’Brien has successfully devised and managed legislative outreach and public relations strategies for a number of transactions subject to public scrutiny and U.S. Government national security reviews.

Prior to joining The Glover Park Group, O’Brien managed government and public relations activities for several international clients at The Harbour Group, LLC, and served as a national security advisor to the Presidential campaign of U.S. Representative Dick Gephardt. He also brings with him thirteen years experience as a top foreign and defense policy advisor to members of the House and Senate Congressional Leadership. While on Capitol Hill, he served as Senior Foreign and Defense Policy Advisor to House Democratic Leader Gephardt, and was his liaison to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and an advisor to the House Democratic Caucus. In this capacity, O’Brien orchestrated national security policy for House Democrats, forging a critical role for the party in debates on Iraq, the Middle East peace process, National Missile Defense, United Nations reform, NATO enlargement, and international crises including Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti and others. He also led numerous Congressional leadership delegations overseas, including missions to South America, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Europe.

Before assuming this position, O’Brien was Foreign and Defense Policy Advisor to Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, focusing on national defense, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Highlights of O’Brien’s tenure here included leading campaigns to preserve critical East Coast military installations during the base closure and realignment process, successfully lobbying the Clinton Administration to lift the travel ban on Lebanon, and spearheading efforts to help establish the American University in Bulgaria, the first U.S.-sponsored university in post-Soviet Eastern Europe. O’Brien previously worked on foreign policy and defense matters for U.S. Representative Jim Bates of San Diego, California, and as an analyst at the Congressional Research Service. He has traveled and worked in over two dozen countries, and lived in London and Cairo during the course of his career. O’Brien received a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics.